Special Places Scenario


  • Preserves Special Places (i.e. Vistas) to maintain coastal attractiveness of farms, natural areas, and downtowns;  buffers Vistas with low to moderate density housing, entryways to Lewes and Rehoboth Beach become greenways surrounded by moderate nonresidential activity
  • Creates “University Place”, a vista outside of Lewes with potential to become major economic hub through expansion of academic and medical services
  • Calms SR 1 traffic patterns by form-based designed boulevard & traditional neighborhood design;
  • Accommodates 98% of Comp Plans’ projected residential growth and less than 58% of its nonresidential employment projection with the opportunity for almost 10,000 new jobs.  The Special Places scenario grows the Region to 55,000 dwelling units; that could build out by 2041, assuming a 2% annual growth rate, provided required funding, infrastructure, services, and community support to implement
  • Example: Virginia’s Rte. 64/264


  • Coastal towns maintain existing boundaries and some level of existing quality of life,
  • Preservation protects those areas of environmental and or cultural importance,
  • Like other scenarios it creates several villages/nodes to focus growth and provide for density,
  • Calls for redevelopment of all major road networks to provide for mixed transportation options.

Cost & Consequences

  • Relies on the Towns to accept additional growth beyond their current plans and requires the Towns to develop and utilize a variety of land use policies and codes,
  • Will be a hard sell for Equity and property rights crowd
  • Needs creative and strong transportation solution for gathering and moving people,
  • Interconnectivity between towns limited


  • Existing towns less distinct/ not as identifiable. Tradeoff: town character?
  • Traffic issues from SR 1 as main corridor remain; need for thruway bypass increases

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