Cape Henlopen Region Study Area


Welcome to the Cape Henlopen Regional Plan website.  We are a forum of the region's jurisdictions, organizations and businesses supported by the University of Delaware Sustainable Coastal Communities Initiative (SCC).

It is here that you can become a part of the decisions that are being made about 1) how to accommodate residential growth in our region, 2) how to grow economically so that our region remains prosperous, and 3) how to do both sustainably and without losing the wonderful character our Region possesses.

Look at the options you have on this website – from Regional Planning education, to The Cape Scenarios where visualization tools help you understand growth choices, to Community Work where you can build your own growth map and provide your preferences to the growth choices.

Check out the goals, see what we’re doing, and GET INVOLVED!  Be a part of this forum to help determine the future of our very special Cape Henlopen Region. Start here by learning more about The Project.

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To enhance your visit to the website you can install the Google Earth Plugin for viewing the 3D land use and scenario examples. You may download and install this plugin in your web browser here.

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